Holiday shopping: The best times to buy

(WWBT) - If you didn't make it out for Black Friday, and you didn't take advantage of Cyber Monday, never fear!

According to experts, there is still time to catch good deals, even some of the best of the season.

Kyle James, who runs, says he's figured out a system to predict which days are best for buying specific things. "By knowing the right day to shop, you can maximize your savings," James says. "If you know the right day, you can save 30 to 40 percent right off the top."

For example the best day to buy toys this year, according to James, is December 1. Keep in mind you'll still have to hunt for the hard to get toys and snap them up whenever you can.

He says shop for stocking stuffers on December 15, clothing on December 18, and video games from December 14 through the 17. "We'll look at all coupons and deals we get for toy retailers, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and we'll come up with a day that's the average."

James says the weekend of December 11th is best for buying HDTVs. He also says December 10 is the best day to buy your fitness gear.

He calls his system a rough estimate, but he says shopping a day before or after will likely still net you a deal.

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