RESTAURANT REPORT: Utensil used after dropped on floor

RESTAURANT REPORT: Utensil used after dropped on floor

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You might get away with using the five second rule in your own kitchen, but drop a utensil on the floor and use it on food? The Health Department says that's a no-no, no matter how fast you pick it up.

In fact, dirty utensils and not washing hands were common problems among the restaurants in tonight's Restaurant Report.

The utensil drop happened at Pho Saigon Garden at 12020 Southshore Pointe Road in Chesterfield. The health inspection report says it had 6 critical violations, plus 12 non-critical, including that an employee dropped kitchen shears on the floor, picked them up and cut an egg roll. The report says an employee also failed to wash their hands before food prep.

Up next, Kenn Tico Cuban Bar and Grill at 204 East Grace Street in Richmond, which had 4 critical and 9 non-critical. The inspector wrote that knives and the meat slicer were soiled to sight and touch. They were cleaned on the spot, and two other problems were corrected during the inspection.

And Yen Ching, 9031 West Broad Street in Henrico had 4 critical violations. The report says an employee used a knife, just rinsed it with water and put back. Plus, several employees failed to wash their hands. That was corrected, but it was a repeated problem from a previous inspection.

We're giving the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to a fast food restaurant. Burger King at 7339 Forest Hill Avenue has earned very impressive perfect scores on every health inspection they've had over the last two years.

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