RVA Parenting: How to respond to VTech Data Breach, tips for parents

RVA Parenting: How to respond to VTech Data Breach, tips for parents

(WWBT) - A major toy company hack has several parents concerned about identity theft and information safety.

Millions of kids and their families were impacted, when hackers stole the data from VTech. Hackers were able to get names, birthdays, and genders of the children, not to mention some passwords and download histories from parents.

It may have you wondering how many times you've offered up that information to a toy company, whether for a recall alert system or just to upload the technology that goes with the toy. There is a lot at stake.

In fact, identity theft can be a major problem, especially with young children because it's harder to catch. The Federal Trade Commission actually says you should run a credit check on your child before his or her 16th birthday just to verify there is no fraud. Just because a toy is marketed for kids doesn't mean it's safe.

Do some research before you put that gift under the tree. Not every toy maker uses top protection systems, which means, your child's data could be at risk if your toy company is hacked.

The BBB says you should keep a list by writing down every toy your child has that uses technology. Also, ask questions before you register your toys or download apps for your kids. Find out if the company has mechanisms in place to protect your information. Read the privacy policy. Find out if the system can collect or keep pictures, recordings or other content. Find out if the app uses location tracking.

If you're still not comfortable, you could create a fake account for all of your kids' devices.

They're small steps that might just help you keep your family safer this holiday season.

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