On Your Side Alert: FBI warning college students about fake phone calls

On Your Side Alert: FBI warning college students about fake phone calls

(WWBT) - The FBI is warning that crooks are targeting college students with fake phone calls. The caller claims you need to pay a loan or face jail time.

FBI Agent, Mark Knoll says there is a deceptive phone call circulating and college students are prime targets. "They are telling these individuals they have late fees on student loans, even delinquent taxes and going so far as to say they have overdue parking tickets." He says crooks are convincing and use fear tactics in hopes of collecting money.

On occasions, the callers will even threaten these individuals that if they don't pay they will not be able to graduate or even arrest.

Agent Knoll says there are no numbers about how many people fall for the scam but says the reports continue to come in, which is an indicator that there are victims. He says protection is easy. Just remember, the FBI will never call threatening that you will be arrested or asking for money and agency will certainly never call students about delinquent loans.

"Often these phone numbers are not legitimate phone numbers and they can sometimes be hard to track and sometimes they track back to overseas."

Another tip is to never trust your caller ID because crooks can make it appear like they are calling from the FBI. If you get one of the calls, Agent Knolls says don't hesitate to report it.

"There is a chance that if we have enough and things start to link up and we might be able to identify someone here in the United States that is behind this, and we could consider an investigation and potential prosecution."

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