Henrico Fire demonstrates devastating impact of kitchen fires

Henrico Fire demonstrates devastating impact of kitchen fires

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - More than one-third of all house fires in Virginia start in the kitchen and with Thanksgiving around the corner, Henrico firefighters are sharing ways to stay safe.

Henrico firefighters suited up and built a small kitchen with a donated stove, then fired up a generator and started a few grease fires.

"If the oil starts to smoke that's one of them big red flags," said Henrico Fire Captain Danny Rosenbaum. He says when you see light smoke it means grease is about to ignite and when it does, grabbing water is the absolute worst things you can do. It creates an instant fireball. The flames explode. Cabinets above the stove would catch fire. The flames even hit the ground.

"Once it gets beyond you being able to put a lid on, cut that burner off, then you should get out," said Rosenbaum. Never grab the pot or try to run it out of the house. That's how you get badly burned or you'll d rop the pot on the ground and spread the fire throughout the house.

While baking soda can help put out a fire, flour, on the other hand, is a bad idea. In our experiment the flour doesn't smother the flames.It actually catches fire.

"Flour can actually erupt into a fireball," said Rosenbaum. Never leave your cooking unattended. And keep a lid that fits, nearby.

"What we're going to do is slide the lid across and cut that burner off," said Rosenbaum.

You can also buy an over the stove fire extinguisher. They have magnets and easily attach to the underside of the hood.

"It has a fuse on the bottom and when that fuse is contacted by flames it will light. There will be a small explosion that will open the device," said Rosenbaum.

After the pop, fire suppressing chemicals rain down. They're sold online and run anywhere from $35 to $50 for the pair.

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