More Bang for your Buck: How to make energy savings add up

More Bang for your Buck: How to make energy savings add up

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The shock of the winter power bill isn't quite here yet, but you know it's coming. We've all heard of ways to use less power, but how much do you really save?

It's the little changes that make a big difference. Start with your hot water tank. Lowering the temperature 10 degrees is going to shave about $9 off your monthly bill. If you can trim one minute off your shower, that will put $33 back in your pocket every year. Cold water is cheaper than hot. Washing clothes in cold is another $47 a year you won't spend.

"Think about your whole home and all the various components in it, your appliances, your electronics, your lighting. All those have an impact on your energy usage," said Virginia Energy Sense's manager Andy Farmer.

Heating the home uses the most energy and when it seeps through cracks in windows and doors, you might as well be throwing your money away. Caulking and sealing problem areas has the potential to cut your bill up to 30 percent. How good are those programmable thermostats? When used right, your monthly statement will be $15 cheaper.

"We did a lot of research and found that people were a little concerned about how to get started," said Farmer.

Virginia Energy Sense wants you to spend your energy elsewhere, showing you how simple changes at home can pay for the fun ventures all around our state. Between their website and their new social media push, they make finding the information easy.

"Dozens of tips and easy to do projects and all of them are inexpensive," Farmer explained.

Want to save $100? Invest in a $30 smart power strip that turns everything off when it's not being used and if you replace your five most used lights with Energy Star bulbs, the $75 you saved will more than pay for them.

Virginia Energy Sense's website has tons of information on how to get started, what products to use and rebates that are available:

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