Mother's instincts save baby daughter's life

Mother's instincts save baby daughter's life

(WWBT) - From the day her beautiful baby girl was born, Tiffany Beach says she knew something was wrong with little Abiageal.

Behind that sweet pacifier, Tiffany says Abiageal would scream excessively and shake with tremors. Her mommy red flags were going off, but Tiffany says no one else at the hospital seemed worried.

"They kept telling us that everything was fine. It was newborn jitters. I assumed that they know what they're doing, so I didn't question it anymore," Beach says.

Four days later, she was back at the hospital. The baby had a high temperature, and wouldn't stop crying. However, she says she was told the baby was fine once again, and that didn't sit well with her. "I knew something. I had that feeling. Something just didn't seem right, you know?" Beach says.

Tiffany says she just knew her daughter was having seizures, and she even videotaped the incident.

When Abiageal stopped eating and starting throwing up, Tiffany headed back to the hospital - this time, a different one.

Her worst fears were confirmed.

Abiageal had a heart murmur, a stroke, seizures, blood on her brain. She had to go through several CAT scans and MRIs. The doctor was not very optimistic.

"He said it didn't look good," Beach says.

Abiageal got a 2 to 22 percent chance of life. Her parents were told there was a better chance they'd be burying her.

"That was really devastating news that she's seizing, she's clotting, and she's bleeding to death. Thank God that my mother instincts kicked in. Because if I had not done what I did, they said she wouldn't have been alive the next day. She would not have been alive," Beach says.

Abiageal does seem to be getting better, but she still has a feeding tube and a long, cripplingly-expensive road ahead.  Her future isn't certain.

Tiffany worries the delay in diagnosis could have implications for Abiageal, but they just won't know until she grows.

However, Abiageal does have a mom who won't ever stop fighting.

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