NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Collegiate School and Ken Burns - 100 years!

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Collegiate School and Ken Burns - 100 years!

By: Kym Grinnage email

This past Thursday, the Collegiate School gave Richmond a gift as it celebrated 100 years as one of the premiere schools in Richmond - and arguably the country.

Collegiate decided that instead of just receiving a gift for its 100th birthday, that it would give us the gift of historian and Emmy award-winning documentarian Ken Burns. For those of you that are familiar with Ken Burns' work, you know that he is a man of detail and artistry; an excellent choice for this important celebration.

During his "Richmond Forum"-style talk at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, he reminded us of the importance of telling the complete story of history. His words were, "tell the story from the people from the bottom up and not just the top down." Simply said, just tell it like it is, and it was; the truth and nothing but the whole truth.

In his ever-so-eloquent way, he weaved narratives about: the solitary soldier of the Battle of the Bulge who never really revealed his inner pain until late in life; stories of the conflicts of race; the inequality of the sexes; exclusion and privilege, and the enduring strength of the American spirit. America and the world are his canvas and his camera is his brush.

Living life and telling history from the bottom up!

Thank you for that gift Collegiate and Happy Centennial!!!

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