On Your Side: Verizon prepaid gift card concerns

On Your Side: Verizon prepaid gift card concerns

(WWBT) - If you've signed up for cable TV or internet at home, you've probably been lured in with offers of a gift card worth hundreds of dollars. It was enough for one viewer to sign up with a major company, but he says his gift card didn't show up as promised, after claiming after he agreed to the services.

Robert Gray is annoyed and he says for good reason. He called 12 after he didn't receive a gift card from Verizon. The company was offering the cards to new customers. "It was supposed to be worth $300, but I upgraded to the Ultimate Package, which put me into the $400 bracket," he says.

It's money Gray was counting on, and after months of what he says seemed like a ping-pong match and no gift card, he nearly gave up. "As one that works in the customer service industry myself, when you tell a customer you are going to do something, do what you say you are going to do. Your word is your bond," Gray says.

We did some checking and found out Gray was not alone. There were dozens of other people complaining on Verizon's website about not receiving their gift cards. We called Verizon to get some answers. The company says every customer's situation is different and it works to resolve any problems on a case by case basis. To put it into perspective, Verizon also says while it appears there are a lot of complaints from people not receiving the gift cards, it has millions of customers and many have received the cards as promised, with no problems. "When it finally gets in the mail, I am going to feel like Eureka. I am I going to feel like this was a hard, long battle," Gray says.

After our interview, Gray received the long awaited gift card, two months after it was promised. "I feel like they can't be trusted. I feel like they don't live up to their word. Their customer service is deplorable. I have no confidence in them," Gray says.

Verizon sent a statement explaining the hold up. A spokesperson says, "Each situation is different, as portrayed by Mr. Gray's example. In his situation, a change on his order in the middle of the fulfillment period qualified him for an increase in the value of the reward, but at the same time temporarily delayed the shipment of the initial card. It's not that his reward card was denied or not sent, and obviously, the cards were sent and activated. Customers should call 1-800-Verizon if they have any problem at all. Verizon has nearly 7 million FiOS internet subscribers and nearly 6 million FiOS TV subscribers. Each customers is important to us, and our objective is to provide the best customer service possible."

Customers should also read the fine print and ask questions. Many times, there are stipulations. For example, to qualify for a $300 Verizon gift card, you must purchase certain services and keep it active for 60 days, with no past-due balance. If you meet the requirements, then the card will be mailed within 90 days of the installation date.

Verizon says customer satisfaction is a priority. If you have a problem, it encourages you to call 1-800-Verizon.

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