MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Super Saver Lowers Bills

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Super Saver Lowers Bills

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Can these tricks to saving money work on your monthly bills? Our Diva of Discounts met with one her favorite savings experts who's making some simple changes that she says, already trimmed more than a thousand dollars off her bills.

You've seen Anjie before. She's showed us the way to get $450 worth of school supplies for 10 bucks and how to better your odds at winning sweepstakes. She knows just about every trick to save money.

"I'm trying to look at where my money is going and how can I do better. Get more for less or get a better price," Anjie proclaims.

So, she looked at her credit card statements to see what she's really spending and created this chart. Her plan is to tackle each category one at a time. First up, the one that's due, the insurance on her car and home.

"I've been with the same company for over 30 years. I've checked around and it was no real difference. It was either more expensive or the difference was so small it wasn't worth it to make that switch," she stated.

That changed when Anjie met with a broker who has access to multiple policies. Her total insurance savings? She happily exclaims "$800 for the year and I got more insurance for less money."

Then she moves onto cable. For Anjie, it's Comcast.

"I was out of contract so I think that's the key" to saving $135 for the year with just one phone call.

"It's only $10 a month but I'm in the business to get everything down as far as I can,"Anjie said.

Anjie pays the same amount for her power each month, a drastic increase to her budget plan made her look into lowering her power bill. She understands "sometimes you have to invest to save with the electricity."

The hot water tank gets turned down a few degrees, programmable thermostats installed and the new outside unit is a higher sear and it's run by gas, not electricity.

"Big savings. My bill is cheaper than most everyone in the whole neighborhood," she says proudly.

This is just the beginning of her plan to lower all of her bills. We'll be updating her progress along the way. If you want to try any of her tips for yourself, you can check out her blog.

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