On Your Side Alert: Warning about fake police calls

On Your Side Alert: Warning about fake police calls

(WWBT) - Viewers say they have received suspicious phone calls claiming to be from the Henrico Police Department. The caller says they have a warrant, and threatens you will be arrested, unless you pay up.

Paige Quilter's main source for making and receiving phone calls is on her cell. "I was doing the dishes and my home rang, which I never answer my home phone, who does anymore?" she says. This time, she did answer and wasn't expecting what she heard.

The caller claimed her daughter was in trouble with Henrico police. After the initial shock, there were some red flags, first, her daughter doesn't live in the state. Second, the caller didn't know how to pronounce Henrico. "He said, 'I am with the Henrico PD, the warrant division, and we've got a felony warrant out for her arrest... I need to speak with her tonight or else she is going to be in big trouble,'" she explains.

Quilter reported the call to Henrico police. The department says it is seeing more complaints about this. However, keep in mind, there are times when detectives may call a wanted person and advise them to turn themselves in. The important thing to remember is that the police will never call and ask you to pay money to stay out of trouble. If you are suspicious, hang up and call the police department directly.

"When you've got 20 something year olds and teenagers, you never know what kind of stuff they are going to get into and some parent is going to fall for this," Quilter says. Once she realized the call was not legitimate, she didn't stay on the phone long enough to figure out what the caller wanted but she fears others will. In particular, she's concerned that the elderly could fall victim."The more information we can get to people, the better off citizens are going to be in protecting themselves... It just makes me so angry that people want to scam us," she says.

Another tip, don't trust your caller ID. Crooks can manipulate the number and make it appear they are calling from anywhere.

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