NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Family and Politics

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Family and Politics

By: Kym Grinnage email 

This was a remarkable week in US politics concerning decisions that were made by two politicians as it relates to their political careers.

Let's start with Vice President Joe Biden. Following the untimely death of the Vice President's eldest son Beau, the country waited for months to see if Joe Biden would run for the Democratic nomination for President. Although Mr. Biden decided that the window to mount a successful campaign had closed, it was the decision to place family first that caused this delay.

In the same week, Representative Paul Ryan made it clear to the American people and to Congress that before he would accept the nomination to be Speaker of the House, that in addition to his political conditions, family time was a non-negotiable item.

Those two decisions started a national conversation about family time versus political life. It also elevated the conversation about work/family life balance.

The reality is that many families do not have the luxury to easily make this choice. It's also ironic that for many families, legislative decisions by politicians, including family leave, will have a profound effect on family/life balance.

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