More Bang For Your Buck: Hidden store savings

More Bang For Your Buck: Hidden store savings

(WWBT) - There are several discounts in the grocery store that you won't find online or in your Sunday paper. You just need to know where to look.
When you walk in, the electronic kiosks should be your first stop. Both Food Lion and Martin's have these machines. Just scan your card and take your coupons. I got some really cheap toilet paper using one this week. $2 off a Charmin Basic 12-pack makes each roll about $0.30, which is a great price!

Then there are the peelies. These are coupons that are stuck onto the front or top of the product. This week, I found them in several sections, like on Al Fresco Chicken Sausage and Hormel Chili, in the bread category, on Utz Pretzels, croutons, pretzel chips and Raid bug spray.

Pay attention to those displays blocking your aisle. Sometimes they have tearpad coupons to sweeten your deal. I find nothing unethical about taking a couple of these to use at a later date, but just don't take the whole thing.

Blinkies are placed right beside the corresponding product and spit out coupons one after the other.  All three major grocers have these Healthy Harvest coupons, and for a store that doubles coupons like Martin's, you can score some really cheap pasta.

Hangtags are exactly what they sound like. They hang on the product. I found a Lawry's coupon in Food Lion. Using it saves you about 20 percent. Kroger has a bunch of hangtags on two liter sodas.

Also, look for percentage numbers on products. Two bags of Gravy Train both cost $7.99, but one has 10 percent more than the other.

If you're looking for spices, check the Latin Foods section. At Food Lion, the two ounce packages are only $0.64. If you bought the item in the spice section, it would cost you four times as much, and that's for the store brand.

Also, don't forget about those mail in rebates. Those are usually found in, or around, the beer section.

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