Student apologizes for playing racist song at Glen Allen HS game

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A student has apologized after playing a "racist song" at Glen Allen High School before their homecoming game, saying he meant to download a Kanye West song. Instead, he downloaded a corrupted file filled with vitriol.

The student, Najee Lawrence, came forward in front of the Henrico school board Thursday night to apologize for playing the song. "In no way am I making excuses for my actions. I have humbly accepted my punishment, and I have definitely learned from my mistakes," he said.  Minutes before he apologized, Glen Allen High School Principal Gwen E. Miller said, "I am upset beyond words, by what people heard in our stadium. No human being should ever listen to a song like that."  However, she did not place blame with Lawrence, but with those who should have supervised the press box.

Only one parent spoke up on the subject, saying the song was appalling and featured the "N word" too freely. Parents and school board members applauded him for coming forward.

While Chairman John Montgomery said there was "nothing to indicate it was purposeful," he said he did not have the details as to how the song ended up on the playlist during warmups.

Montgomery couldn't comment on any possible disciplinary action, but said that would be up to the principal and not disclosed to the public.

Glen Allen High School was hosting John Marshall High School on Friday when the song blared over the public address system. A video of the song playing was posted to social media, including the lyric, "They're trying to raise money, but they can't cause they spend all their money.  They're *****." The racially explicit song is a parody of the cartoon DuckTales' theme song.  The song aired on a comedy talk radio show, The Red Bar Radio Show, and was posted to YouTube.

John Marshall High School is s predominantly African-American Richmond Public School. A former John Marshall football player who is now in college, made a recording.

Henrico school administrators sent a letter of apology from the Glen Allen principal to the John Marshall Principal, saying the "unfortunate incident does not reflect the broader Glen Allen community."

Henrico school board officials say they have also reached out to the Richmond school board and apologized about the incident.

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