WATCH: RVA Dialogue on gun control

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Gun control was the topic of discussion during a live community dialogue from the NBC12 studios on Wednesday night.

The discussion moderated by Curt Autry and Sabrina Squire featured a panel of key influencers from all sides of the conversation and follows a survey of more than 4,300 Richmond-area residents on the topic. The project is a partnership between Alan Newman Research, JMI and NBC12. The goal is to get a better understanding of how the community feels about gun control.

The conversation was streamed live on and and on the NBC12 News App. Viewers chimed in on social media using the hashtag #RVADialogue and Karla Redditte shared their online questions with the panel.

Joining the discussion was:

  • Lori Haas – Virginia State Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
  • Charles Willis – Executive Director for Citizens Against Crime
  • Phillip Van Cleave – President of Virginia Citizens Defense League
  • James Reynolds – President, Proactive Shooters

The survey found respondents in the Richmond area were split over whether Virginia needs stricter gun laws.

While 46 percent said they support increased gun control and 3 percent called for a gun ban in Virginia, another 31 percent said they think laws are fine as they are and 16 percent said they need to be decreased.

Of those surveyed, 65 percent said guns make their home safer, compared to just 23 percent who felt firearms made a home less safe. Similarly, 55 percent said guns make the community safer, compared to 29 percent who felt guns make the community less safe.

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