No charges to be filed in fatal Richmond Police shooting

No charges to be filed in fatal Richmond Police shooting

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Richmond's prosecutor says no charges will be filed against two police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a black man.

Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Herring said Thursday that he reviewed results of a police internal investigation and determined there is no basis for presenting the case to a grand jury.

"Today's decision by Mr. Herring not to file charges against the officers is the result of a fair, impartial and independent investigation conducted by the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. It has always been my  practice whenever members of this police department use force that results in death to inform the members of our communities to let the investigations take their course before rendering a judgement without having all of the facts. Regardless of today's decision, my officers and the family members of Hargrove will be forever impacted by the events that took place on the day of the shooting," Richmond police spokesperson Gene Lepley said.

Twenty-year-old Keshawn Hargrove was killed in a shootout with Richmond officers Ryan Bailey and Jacob DeBoard on Aug. 6. Bailey was wounded.

Herring says six eyewitnesses corroborated the officers' account of what happened. The officers approached Hargrove after receiving a report about an armed man. Herring says Hargrove fired first, then continued shooting as he fled. Hargrove fired at least four shots. Police fired 14.

Bailey is black and DeBoard is white. Herring says DeBoard fired the fatal shot.

DeBoard and Bailey will stay on administrative leave until the police finishes their administrative investigation, according to Lepley.

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