NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Breast Cancer: The Search for a Cure Continues

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Breast Cancer: The Search for a Cure Continues

By: Kym Grinnage email 

To some, it may seem routine to see the explosion of pink in the Month of October. I can assure you that for the 200,000 women and 2,000 men across America who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, it is hardly routine.

And unfortunately, we have not yet won the battle against breast cancer, as approximately 40,000 people will lose their lives to this dreaded disease this year.

If you have ever attended a survivors' event of any type, you leave with a deep and profound feeling of hope. One by one, the survivors tell their stories of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and you feel their kinship for one another.

Nearly all of us know someone whose life has been shortened or altered by breast cancer. October represents the opportunity for everyone to stop for a moment and consider what you can do to help find a cure. The Central Virginia affiliate of Susan G. Komen and the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation have been fighting the fight for decades, and they are in this fight for the long haul.

These organizations, among others, want your participation, your attention and your generosity. If you want to help, and I know you do, here is where you can contact them:


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