Acts of Kindness: Sisters advocate for twin health struggles

Acts of Kindness: Sisters advocate for twin health struggles

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Education is the main focus at the Vernon J. Harris Medical Center in Church Hill.

The Sisters Nurses provide one-on-one mentoring and group classes in diabetes and cardiovascular health.  They have been doing it for over 10 years.  They also offer classes in education, nutrition and exercise.

"It's always been our passion, and we've wanted to be nurses ever since we were five," Shaun said.

They have a long track record of success.  Several classes of graduates had their lives transform, like Valerie Russell.

"I lost 30 pounds," she said.  "I feel as people say, 'more alive.'"

She also brought her family to try the class.

"I was like, 'Y'all need to try this class,'" she said.

Valerie says The Sisters are encouraging and empathetic because of their own health challenges.

"They were actually diagnosed a little while back with having heart disease," Russell said.

They were all diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but they say they have too much on their plate to stop moving.

They also have plans to expand their program to the Tri-Cities area.  They're so committed to the cause of healthy living that they've invested their own funds to open their Petersburg Wellness Center.

Thanks to Valerie's "Acts of Kindness" nomination, they're getting a little seed money. $300.

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