On Your Side: Contractor gives tips on finding right company

On Your Side: Contractor gives tips on finding right company

NBC12 is making a correction to a 12 On Your Side report which aired on Thursday.

During the report, video of an ad for a legitimate business, J.R. Anderson Inc., was shown by mistake. Our investigation focused on a different contractor, Paul Anderson, and his customers' efforts to get answers.

J.R. Anderson Inc. has no connection to Paul Anderson. In fact, J.R. Anderson Inc. is an accredited business, with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating from the agency. We apologize for the error.

NBC12 talked with J.R. Anderson, today. After 25 successful years in the industry,  he's proud of his work and wants to help you know how to find the right contractor.

While J. R. Anderson is highly rated, he says there are some bad contractors. To protect yourself he recommends calling the State Board of Contractors and check them out through the Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation.

"Before you hand somebody a six thousand dollar check you need to find out who they are," said J. R. Anderson. "If they are who they say they are. Get a reference or two. "

To get the State Board of Contractor's or DPOR call 804-367-8500.

"Great people to deal with. Give you all the information that you need," explained J. R. Anderson. "Will let you know whether they're licensed or not licensed you have no protection. If they're licensed something happens, file a claim and get your money back. If they're not licensed then you're on your own."

He says pay attention to a key red flag.

"If they don't give you their license number when requested. My license number is on my business card. it's on my website," J. R. Anderson said and if the contractor does give you his license number, still check it. "Always check. Here's my license see. It could be revoked."

J. R. Anderson has been featured on Fix It And Finish It twice and says do your homework and protect yourself.

Another way to tell if you're working with the best he says, is to ask about advanced training. J.R. Anderson says he's headed to a trade show in Indianapolis in a few days to stay on top of what's new in the industry.

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