MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Facebook auctions

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Facebook auctions

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - We all have stuff around our house that we either won't use or don't need. One Chesterfield mom figured out a way to turn her extras into cold hard cash.

Courtney Young was searching for deals on kid's stuff for 3-year-old, Brooklyn, and her younger sister, Madison. She joined a Facebook auction group, buying clothes from a local mom who had the perfect sizes
she needed.

"I have all this stuff she's outgrown. I've tried selling on classifieds," said Young.

But that was hit or miss. So she started her own Facebook group, Midlothian Auction. As more people joined, her profits began to increase.

"On a week I make on average about $50 to $200," she said.

She's auctioning the kids clothes and things she and her husband no longer wear. Plus personal care and household items she scored from her new couponing skills. She sets the starting bid low.. then the group's 1400+ members can bid in 25 cent increments. All
of her auctions end on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

"Sometimes you get more than you really thought you could get for the items," said Young.

Courtney's not the only one doing this. Every Thursday in a parking lot off the Boulevard in Colonial Heights, dozens of groups like Courtney's are here to complete their transactions.

"You can't help yourself," Marcelena Riley said. "There are so many great deals."

Riley sells on her own Facebook auction group that focuses on clothing and accessories, but she can't help but buy from the other auction groups.

"You can get everything you need in a retail store for a whole lot less." Said Riley.

Hair care and cleaning supplies are what Cami Allen has gotten during her first month.

"I'm getting all my stuff for like a dollar or two, so that's pretty good considering the stuff in the store is like $5," said Allen. Courtney also meets up with auction winners on this side of town. And anyone who joins the group can post and sell their own stuff.

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