More Bang For Your Buck: Saving on your electricity bill

More Bang For Your Buck: Saving on your electricity bill

(WWBT) - Dominion Virginia Power has 2.5 million customers who would like to lower their bill.

With their Home Energy Checkup, an approved contractor analyzes your homes' systems and details cost effective ways to reduce your usage.

"It's comprehensive and if you want one thing, that's going to give you a big bang for the buck," a Dominion spokesperson says.

Contractors also install new bulbs, aerators, weather stripping, even wrap your water tank. The rebate can be paid directly to the people doing the work, so no money out of your pocket.

"We tune up our cars, we tune up everything else, but those old heat pumps sitting out there cranking year after year," the spokesperson says.

With a $90 rebate per unit, that covers the price for the contractor to do the work. If you have to replace your heat pump, don't forget about the $250 rebate from Dominion.

"Frankly, save all of us money, as we don't have to build new generators long term," the spokesperson says.

The smart cooling rewards will cycle your AC during peak, hot temperatures. You'll get $40 each year for you do it. Your ducts can seep air without you knowing it. If you get them professionally sealed, the incentive is a $125 rebate. If you're looking to dump your secondary refrigerator or freezer, get paid 50 bucks for them to take it.

"We want to make sure energy is used efficiently because we all pay for the upgrades, the new power stations and everything else. So if everyone would take advantage of that, it's good for all of us," the spokesperson says.

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