Restaurant Report: RIR fixes critical violations

Thousands of fans attended NASCAR at the Richmond International Raceway two weeks ago. While they were there, one of the food venues had some critical violations that crashed it right into tonight's NBC12 Restaurant Report.

The same day the cars hit the track, a health inspector stopped by the Torque Club, a restaurant high above the stadium for special ticket holders.

Explained Aimee Turner with RIR, "Not only can you sit outside to watch a race, then you can come inside and we have food and beverages all day long. It's just a great experience."

An inspector found four critical violations, plus eight non-critical and four were repeated from a previous inspection. Turner told us they fixed some problems during the inspection, like some hand washing violations, but didn't know about the rest until we emailed them.

"We didn't receive a copy of the report until yesterday," she said, when they contacted the health inspector.

But once they did, she says they jumped to fix everything. And she said some dishes, utensils, and a skillet were soiled because they'd just been used.

"The skillet was put in the sink and as soon as the meal was prepped and served, they washed it," she explained.

She asked us to return after the re-inspection, and says now they will ask to be inspected a few weeks before a race so they can make sure they get the checkered flag.

"The priority is always about the safety of our guests and making sure our guests have a great experience," said Turner.

Up next, Sweet Olive Mediterranean Grill in the Chesterfield Towne Center food court. We talked to an employee by phone about their seven critical violations and eight non-critical, including harborage conditions for fruit flies. The employee told us everything was being fixed, including two coolers that weren't keeping foods cold enough.

We gave the Hall of Fame Award to food truck Coco Bans To Go for acing three health inspections in a row. We found Dionne Bazile at the Troutman Sanders building cooking up her signature jerk chicken and jambalaya.

Bazile told us her secret, "I follow all the rules, I memorized them. And when the inspectors come out, I make sure they know I know what I'm doing."