RVA Parenting: Use social media to help your kids

RVA Parenting: Use social media to help your kids

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - While there are plenty of warnings about kids oversharing on Facebook, the right posts could help them get in to college or land a job.

Marcy Williams teaches social media awareness and safety. She says most employers or colleges will look at your social media accounts before accepting a student or hiring a new employee. She says to make sure your first impression is a good one. Make sure what you put out there on social media, is what you want people to see.

She says to brand yourself. If you hope to get recruited for soccer, for example, put some clips of your best plays on the page. Use your pictures and video to show where you played and how well. The same goes for any other talent. Consider how pictures and video can be used to brand and market yourself.

Williams says to share content that demonstrates your involvement in the community, how you volunteer, or where you spend your time. She says it's a chance to start the conversation about who you are and what you hope to do, with future employers or educators.

"Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, even your Snapchat, your Twitter. They're looking at these sites. Colleges and employers will Google you," said NBC12 Social Media expert Marcy Williams, "Even if you think you're hiding, they're going to go to huge extremes to find information."

And of course, Marcy says to Google yourself and see what comes up. Make sure that's what you want your future boss to see!

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