NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The November Elections - All Politics are Local

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The November Elections - All Politics are Local

By: Kym Grinnage email 

Summer is over, and the fall season has begun. Although most of the news attention has been pointed toward the national candidates for president, the local November Elections will play a more important role in our daily lives.

This is a great time to take a good look at the local elections and to begin to look at the candidates that will be up for election.

All 140 seats in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly are up for re-election: 40 in the Senate and 100 in the House of Delegates. This will be one of the most important local elections in your lifetime.

Important decisions concerning taxation, spending, redistricting, medical insurance, education and transportation to name a few, will be made by the next General Assembly, and your voice must be heard. Based on your votes, the important issue of which party will control the Virginia Senate is in the balance.

Here are some questions we should ask ourselves:

• Can you name the Delegate and Senator who represents your home district?

• Do you know their record and what they stand for?

• Are you registered to vote?

• Are you committed to vote?

To help you with some of the answers, here are some websites that you can reference:

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