Morrissey withdraws from State Senate race

Morrissey withdraws from State Senate race

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Joe Morrissey has withdrawn from the Virginia State Senate race due to health concerns.

On Friday, he announced that he would temporarily suspended his campaign due to a medical issue. While Morrissey contends he will recover from a paralyzed diaphragm, he say the issue forced him to withdraw from the race.

"After speaking with all of my health care providers, I have decided to withdraw from the State Senate race and focus on rehabilitating my diaphragm," said Morrissey in a released statement. "For 3 ½ months, I have enjoyed going door-to-door and meeting with thousands of folks in Central Virginia.  However, at this time, my primary concerns are my health and growing family."

Morrissey's physician, Dr. L. Randolph Chisholm, called the former delegate "one of the strongest patients that I have had the privilege of working with."

READ: Letter from Joe Morrissey's doctor on his paralyzed diaphragm:

"If Morrissey dedicates himself to a strenuous and vigorous course of rehabilitation, it is entirely possible that he can fully recover," the letter states. "A successful course of PT would require several hours of PT per day. Joe Morrissey is a drive individual and he is confident he can return to 100%."

The letter explains the history of Morrissey's illness, stating it dates back to an unusual spot revealed by a chest x-ray in the spring of 2012, later found to be caused by an injury to the left hemi diaphragm. Specialists at the JFK/Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, NJ told Morrissey earlier this week to pursue aggressive physical therapy.

Morrissey was set to challenge Democrat Rosalyn Dance for the Virginia 16th Senate district on November 3.

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