On Your Side Alert: Email Scams

On Your Side Alert: Email Scams

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Fraudulent messages are popping up in inboxes across the area. They claim to be an important security system scanner letter. The sender says you need to open an attachment for more information.

This is all a trick and if you open it, it could install a virus on your computer or allow cyber criminals to access your personal information. You can delete this note, or if you think you're a victim, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at IC3.gov.

PayPal users, you also need to be on alert.  Recent deceptive emails are designed to steal your personal information. It claims your account will be limited unless you click a link to update your account.  But if you hover your mouse over the link without clicking it, you will see it will not lead you to PayPal's website.

As a rule of thumb, don't trust links in emails. If you think there is a problem, go directly to PayPal's site and contact customer service. PayPal is aware of emails like this one has a warning on its website.

If you see this email or something similar, report it to spoof@paypal.com.

Cyber crooks are also targeting all you Coke drinkers. An email is circulating, claiming your email was randomly selected and you've won a huge prize.

This is not from Coca Cola and remember, you can't win a prize you haven't signed for. The company is aware and has warnings on its website about this deception.

Don't reply and again, report it to IC3.gov.

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