VA Lottery: Woman did not purchase winning ticket

VA Lottery: Woman did not purchase winning ticket

ALEXANDRIA, VA (WWBT) - An Alexandria woman thought she hit the jackpot, but it turns out it's not true.

Ardella Newman thought she won $20,000 off of a $2 scratch-off she bought inside a grocery store in Alexandria.

Newman says the the money could help her family out financially.  "$20,000 could really, really help me.  I have a sister who is in Syracuse.  She's very sick.  I could help her with her medical bills."

However, Newman's dreams of helping her sister disappeared when she tried to cash the ticket.

Virginia Lottery spokesman John Hagerty says the woman presented not a single ticket, but parts of two tickets.

He goes on saying she apparently took the number on the top of the second ticket, and applied it to the larger ticket to "mix and match" the numbers on two separate tickets and claim it as a single winning ticket.

He says they are investigating and are looking to see if the Lottery self-service machine cut off the top of the ticket and gave her parts of two tickets.

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