Smartphone saves man's life from speeding bullet

(WWBT) - A California man is thankful he had his iPhone on him after he says the smartphone stopped a speeding bullet from hitting his body.

The man's roommate says a gunman followed the man to the door of their apartment and grabbed his computer bag.  The suspect shot him and ran off with his computer when the victim grabbed his bag back.

The victim and his roommate are still in a state of shock over what happened.

"Her was shocked and sweating," the man's roommate says. "He said 'I got mugged, and the person who mugged me shot me in the leg.'"

"The jeans was torn open," the roommate added. "He showed me his iPhone, and I saw the bullet was really clear on it.  It saved his life."

The victim moved out of the apartment and went back home to his family.  He has not made plans to return to the area.