On Your Side: Landscaper Paul Anderson update

On Your Side: Landscaper Paul Anderson update

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There are new developments concerning landscaper Paul Anderson.

Since our investigation in July, Anderson has been arrested on an unrelated charge, and we continue to get calls from NBC12 viewers who say he owes them money.

Here's what I know: the landscaper was recently arrested after he allegedly assaulted a family member. He has stopped returning my calls, and I talked with a sub-contractor and two more homeowners, by phone, who are after Anderson for their money.

I obtained Paul Anderson's jail mug shot and arrest information, showing he was charged in August on two counts of simple assault on a family member and released on a $10,000 bond. Anderson indicated to me before he stopped returning my calls back in July that he was embroiled in a bitter divorce.

Also in July, Anderson said he would refund homeowner Mary Wilkerson $750 because his poor health stopped him from completely her backyard project. Mary had already paid him $7,000 and she wanted him off the project and believed he breached contract with his delays.

"I just wish he would communicate with me, because if there is a financial problem, I'm only escalating that by trying now to go to court to try to get some restitution," Wilkerson says.

Right after my first story, Anderson drew up an agreement letting Mary out of the contract, stating she owed him nothing, and he would refund her for LED lights and greenery never purchased.  Anderson picked up his equipment he left in her driveway, but she never got the refund.

Adding to Mary's misery, now the subcontractor who built the patio -- one thing she really likes -- tells me Anderson owes him $3,800 for Mary's patio and three other jobs.

Wilkerson adds, "The subcontractor, unfortunately has not been paid. He came by my house. He said, 'Have you paid Mr. Anderson?' I said, 'Yes. I paid him the day that you finished.' He said, 'I never received my money from him.'"

I got a lead and went to Anderson's new home address, a 7,000 square-foot home in Midlothian, hoping to ask him about the new developments since we last talked.  I saw a man through a window, but no one opened the door.

Wilkerson says, "I do believe that I would not have gotten at least out of the contract, if you guys had not gotten involved with this, and thank you."

Anderson goes before a Juvenile Court judge this Friday. The Virginia Board of contractors says it has two active investigations. The state says Anderson was convicted a year ago for unlicensed contracting.

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