Consumer Alert: ADT warns about deceptive sales practices

Consumer Alert: ADT warns about deceptive sales practices

(WWBT) - If you have a home alarm system, one of the country's largest security providers, ADT, says be on guard. The company is warning about deceptive salespeople going door to door claiming they are with your alarm company.

Your home alarm system may keep you safe - but it also could make you a target. David Bleisch, with ADT says crooks prowl neighborhoods looking for home security signs. He explains how the deception works. "What they are doing is they are sending people around to knock on doors and then tell lies. They tell them they are from either ADT or ADT has gone out of business and they are there to take over or they are there to upgrade an ADT system," he says.

If you fall for it, you will have a new alarm system and a new company and not even know it. The scheme happens so often, ADT created a special section on its website to warn consumers. For a limited time, it's offering a cash reward to encourage victims to report the crimes. "We know there are a few companies unfortunately, that are teaching their sales representatives how to use these deceptive sales practices, so we are offering a reward for people that can bring us evidence  of that actually happening, in the amount of up to 5-thousand dollars," Bleisch says.

ADT says seniors are a big  target but anyone can be a victim. The number one red flag is someone showing up to your house unannounced. If the person is claiming to be with your alarm company be skeptical, ask for identification and call your current security company to confirm the person is who they say they are. If you are tricked, you have options. "They have three days when they enter a new contract to have  what's called, a Right of Recession, so they can contact the company that scammed them and cancel their contract. Also, they need to get in touch with us, we do special offers for people who have been scammed," Bleisch says.

If you feel you're a victim, contact the police and your alarm company right away. Victims can also file a report with the Better Business Bureau. ADT says its 5-thousand dollar reward program expires at the end of the month.

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