Loved ones of TV shooting victims speak out after unthinkable tragedy

Loved ones of TV shooting victims speak out after unthinkable tragedy

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A day later, the loved ones of Alison Parker, Adam Ward, and a third victim who was shot and injured, are trying to grasp the unthinkable tragedy.

Alison Parker's father, Andy Parker, will never again have a daily chat with his daughter about her story.

"She would be texting me right now saying, 'Dad, what did you think of my story? What did you think of it?' And I'm never going to hear that again," said Parker.

Parker is refusing to let his daughter die in vain, now vowing to push for tougher gun laws. "I can promise the American people, I'm not going to rest until I see something get done here."

Alison's boyfriend, Chris Hurst, is an anchor at the same station. Hurst painfully cherishes the short time he had with the woman he hoped to marry, after sparking their relationship at a station party.

"Something came over me, and I decided that I had to go for it. And we were both so lucky that occurred, because she told me, and her parents told me last night, that I was the love of her life, and she was the love of my life," said Hurst.

Adam Ward's fiancee also works at WDBJ... dreams shattered abruptly and viciously. A bullet also struck the woman being interviewed, Vicki Gardner. Vicki's husband, Tim Gardner, was watching the live report, as his wife was shot in the back.

"There's no making sense of it. Obviously, a very disturbed individual wanted to take out his former coworkers. It's just a senseless deed, and my wife happened to be here at the wrong time," said Tim Gardner.

Vicki was rushed to the hospital. Her condition has now been upgraded to good. However, the futures of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, cannot be saved.

"She was so loved by all, and my heart is broken," continued Andy Parker.

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