Virginia Center for Public Safety slams WDBJ shooter's 'sick thinking'

Virginia Center for Public Safety slams WDBJ shooter's 'sick thinking'

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Family members of victims in the Virginia Tech shooting are reacting to news Vester Flanagan praised the Virginia Tech mass killer in a manifesto sent to ABC News.

Police say Flanagan gunned down reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward on live television. He also sent a note to the media, praising Virginia Tech shooter Seung Hui Cho as his "boy" because Cho "killed nearly double" the amount of amount people killed in the Columbine massacre.

"That's sick thinking," said Andrew Goddard who's son survived being shot four times by Cho. "That is really sick thinking."

Flanagan claims the recent mass shooting of nine black church members in Charleston was his "tipping point."

"Yeah I'm all f----- up in the head," said Flanagan in the manifesto.

Goddard now works with the Virginia Center for Public Safety. He hopes to tackle things like mental health treatment in this country. Flanagan was fired twice. Each time he made allegations of discrimination.

The disgruntled ex-reporter says he "proudly" worked as a male escort to make ends meet, but he admits, "I've been a human powder keg for a while Just waiting to go BOOM!!!!"

Goddard says this underscores the need for gun violence prevention.

"The first way to stop a bullet is to stop it from being in that guy's gun, and stop the gun from being in his hands," said Goddard, who would like to see universal background checks. "People who have a history of violence... who have been convicted of domestic violence have to be disarmed. 274 people are shot every day.  If we had doctors who said we can't treat all cancers so we are not going to treat any... people would be furious. We can't stop all gun violence, but we could stop a heck of a lot of if if we did something."

Flanagan called his letter a suicide note for his friends and family.

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