Disgruntled employee warning signs

Disgruntled employee warning signs

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local psychologist says it's hard to know when a person is going to snap, but there are some things that employers can do to help keep everyone safe.

"For the reporters to be out in the field... doing their job and just totally unaware."

Dr. Micah McCreary is talking about the tragic deaths of a Roanoke reporter and photographer at the hands of disgruntled former employee Vester Flanagan. McCreary says that while it is tough to assess, there are ways that employers can look at employees with a closer eye.

"[If] a person is going to act against themselves, you'll see the sadness. You'll see the despair. If they're going to act out against somebody else, you're going to see the anger, rage. If there is a history of them being able to not control their anger, then you want to deal with that," he said.

Dr. McCreary says a more extensive interview process can also signal problems.

"You have to really tighten up your assessments for hiring. It's like, it's OK to look at the resume and talk to references... but you really need a face-to-face with the person with someone who's really good at picking up on some cues of some things that are going on."

Dr. McCreary adds that to keep employees safe while inside, there are a few things every building should be with.

"Every agency should have cameras, should have security measures that are in place, and HR should train employees what to do with a disgruntled employee if something happens," he explains.

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