Update: Kids home alone, when intruder enters Blackstone home

Update: Kids home alone, when intruder enters Blackstone home
Source: Courier-Record Newspaper
Source: Courier-Record Newspaper
Source: Courier-Record Newspaper
Source: Courier-Record Newspaper

BLACKSTONE, VA (WWBT) - A viewer reaches out to NBC12 about a large police presence on North High Street near Dinwiddie Avenue in Blackstone.

Witnesses tell us State Police were on scene along with the Nottoway Sheriff's Office.

According to Blackstone Mayor Billy Coleburn there was no one inside a home on High Street that led to a barricade that lasted several hours. The mayor told NBC12 that a mother left her 13-year-old daughter and the girl's 9-year-old cousin at home.

The mother tells us, she and her boyfriend were in Amelia County when she received a text message from her daughter about an intruder inside the home. She says the girl spotted a gun on the kitchen table and went and hid in her bedroom with her young cousin and stayed under the covers.

"My daughter was texting me at 8:30 saying mom somebody is in the house," Deneen Dowtin said.

All of that didn't matter anymore- all she wanted was to get home to her 13 year old daughter.

"She said mom please help us get us out here I'm scared," Dowtin said.

Dowtin says her daughter and 9 year-old niece were home alone.

"When she got up she saw a gun on the dining room table. Where her room is you can peak out of her door and you can see our dining room table," Dowtin said.

That gun would eventually slide off the table.

Dowtin says her daughter quickly rushed back to her room to be with her cousin. The teenager kept family members updated about the scary situation through text messages while hiding under the covers.

By this time authorities made up of several agencies had set up a barricade and surrounded the house. At the right time- Dowtin says her daughter made a bold move that she believes saved the young girls lives.

"When she heard him go up the stairs she kicked the window out she threw her cousin out the window first and then she jumped out the window,' Dowtin said.

Dowtin says her daughter escaped from the house through a window on the left side. Once police got inside the suspect had left. Family members say they believe he escaped through a floor vent."

"Its like a big create or like a vent and its a board under there and we keep a rug over top of it, if you move the rug you can escape underneath the house,' Dowtin said.

With the suspect on the loose- Dowtin says she and her family aren't taking any chances- from now she says they will be on the look out.

"You know you are going to be suspicious of everybody now," Dowtin said.

The mayor and the girl's mother say she heard the intruder go upstairs. That's when she and her cousin kicked out a downstairs window and escaped from the home. Family members say they believe the intruder escaped through a trapdoor in the living room floor.

The children were unable to provide a description of the suspect.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Blackstone Police Department at (434) 292-3322.

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