Restaurant Report: Cleaning issues

Restaurant Report: Cleaning issues

CHESTER, VA (WWBT) - When you go out to eat, you want to know everything is clean, from the dishes and utensils to the equipment used to make the food. Two restaurants had critical violations for cleaning problems, according to health inspectors. Here's where it happened and what they did about it in this edition of the Restaurant Report.

First up is O'Charley's at 12301 Bermuda Crossroad Lane in Chester. It had four critical violations, including that the dish washing machine wasn't dispensing sanitizer onto the dishes, which is required after they're washed. The report says they called a repairman right away and corrected violations during the inspection. O'Charley's had one critical when the inspector returned 10 days later.

And Country Pride restaurant at the rest stop at 100 North Carter Road in Hanover, also had four critical problems, including the microwave and the milkshake mixers were not clean. The report shows some violations were corrected on the spot and Country Pride can take pride in its perfect score on its follow-up inspection.

But Alchemy Coffee has been brewing up perfect scores on health inspections, too, and wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award. Alchemy expanded from a coffee cart last year to a shop at 814 West Broad Street in the VCU Arts Depot Building. Owner Eric Spivack says cleanliness is critical to making coffee taste good.

"Everything we do is either delicate single origins, or the espresso blend that we use," explained Spivack. "One of the integral pieces of that is being clear of any coffee oils that might gather with that."

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