RVA Parenting: Having a scholastic summer

RVA Parenting Interview: Scholastic Summer

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's summer! Of course, you should get those kids outside to play.

In fact, our expert, Dr. Nicoline Ambe says, "All that physical activity is good for brain clarity and brain development."

But, she says kids often lose up to two grade levels in learning over the summer, while they're out of the classroom. Here's how you can hold on to all that hard work: have a scholastic summer!

Find ways to sneak learning into your every day family activities. Dr. Ambe is a bestselling author, and this is her recipe for having a learning summer.

Stay active and healthy
Use the kitchen
Make every activity a learning activity
Monitor and reduce screen time

"You have to find a nice balance between fun and learning," said Dr. Ambe. "So do things like reading, picture books, chapter books... things that they enjoy reading about. Also, just get them involved in cooking, for example. Use the kitchen a lot, and teach them the benefits of preserving the environment through recycling programs, teach them to plant a garden."

Dr. Ambe says you don't have to know a lot or spend a lot. Just spend time with your child and look for ways to teach in everyday tasks. Even baking a cookie includes math. Plus, it's delicious.

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