SUV crashes into church building on West Broad St

SUV crashes into church building on West Broad St

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A church in Richmond is cleaning up after an SUV crashed through the brick building on Tuesday morning. A Chevrolet Blazer plowed through the Master's Touch Church Ministries off West Broad Street, during rush hour. Richmond police suspect the driver had a medical issue, which caused him to lose control. No charges have been pressed right now.

The Blazer went straight through the brick wall and into the main sanctuary of the church, in the 4000 block of West Broad Street, near the intersection of Lafayette Street. If the vehicle had plowed through the building on a Sunday instead of Tuesday, the room likely would have been packed.

Roland Argel says he saw the entire accident unfold as he was driving alongside the man in the Blazer.

"I noticed that the guy was... driving on the sidewalk, slamming against a brick wall," described Argel.

Argel says the driver struck a utility box, and then plowed over a street sign. He then sideswiped Argel's car. The out-of-control Blazer crossed over all six lanes of traffic, including the median.

"He jumped the median, and looked like he accelerated. You can see the tire tracks, and he went straight into the building," continued Argel.

The Blazer ultimately careened into the brick side of the church.

Argel says he immediately pulled over and rushed to help.

"I couldn't tell if the building was going to collapse, or if it was going to blow up, so I tried to do something."

Two other bystanders across the street also ran over, without hesitating.

"(I saw) the guy hop the median, and then floor it straight into the building," added Craig Danforth, who also witnessed the accident.

The bystanders pulled the driver from the vehicle, who was able to walk away. Now church members are giving thanks that their building can be repaired, and no one was seriously hurt.

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