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RESTAURANT REPORT: overheated kitchen and flies

If you think it's been hot outside, imagine being in a restaurant kitchen when the stove hood isn't pulling the hot air out.  Then throw in some flies.  That's the condition a health inspector reported finding the kitchen of a popular pub.  The manager tells us it was a one day problem that was fixed the same day. 
The place was Keagan's Restaurant and Tavern at 2251 Old Brick Road in West Broad Village, which usually earns better inspection scores.  But this time, it had 6 critical violations, plus 9 non-critical.  The report says several foods in prep units were over 41 degrees because the exhaust hood wasn't circulating the air.  

"It was probably close to 100 to 110 degrees in the kitchen," manager Christina White told us.  "We had technicians come out that same day. They had to rewire our exhaust hoods altogether and then we had to have a whole switch replaced."

The report also says several flies were in the kitchen and they were told to call pest control.   

"We did have Eco lab come out twice, and did an extra treatment that month," White responded.  She says they also did a deep cleaning.  

When the inspector returned a month later, everything was corrected and Keagan's annual permit was renewed.  Said White, "When he came back everything was working as it should have."

We gave the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Kings Dominion after many of its food venues earned perfect scores on their health inspections. 

"We could not do it without every single team member showing up everyday and putting on a smile and going through these checklists," said Kings Dominion spokesperson Katelyn Curry.

The park feeds thousands of visitors every day and says it recently renewed its focus on food. 

"Food quality has been a topic of focus for the park here for the past year," said Curry.  "We brought in an executive chef to take the food level here at the park to the next level."

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