On Your Side: Progress on Colonial Heights dirt road

On Your Side: Progress on Colonial Heights dirt road

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA (WWBT) - Colonial Heights neighbors are seeing the first phase of a promise from city leaders to pave a dirt road that's been a source of frustration and problems for them for many years.

There's a big hole in the road right now and huge earth moving equipment and pipes are all around. It's proof that paving their neighborhood street is a priority.

You may recall neighbors Called 12 a few months ago for answers when the paving project that as suppose to start in March got delayed.They feared it would never happen.

I checked up on the project and have a timeline for completion. It's happening and neighbors on Bruce Avenue say they couldn't be happier.

Paving their street is not a huge project, but it's important. It's been a nightmare they say living on that dirt road all these years.

Here's what I found out about the construction timeline: right now the action is happening at Battery and Dupuy, where crews are installing larger storm drains and sewage pipes. They will work their way up in three to four phases until the construction path takes them to Bruce Avenue.

The project still will not be complete until August 2016.

Noreese Barnes Called 12 and says, "That's fine, just pave the road."

Bruce Avenue is just around the bend from the Boulevard and the new multi-million dollar courthouse on Battery Place. There was some resentment and concern, because neighbors living on the Colonial Heights' only dirt road felt their complaints were being dismissed and other parts of the city were being restored.

Barnes says, "It's terrible. Every time a truck or car goes up, you can just stand there and wait for the cloud and it's bad, really bad. If you're outside working, you're going to go in with dust on you."

Six houses are impacted. When dust goes airborne it floats inside their homes, and clogs the air conditioning.

Barnes says,"My air conditioning stopped working. The man came out and he took it apart. There was so much dust in the thermostat, he had to clean it out so it would then work."

Dust clouds also prevent them from hanging clothes outdoors and washing cars.

Barnes knows what it's like and says, "I washed it one time in three years and the next day it was so dusty I haven't washed it since."

Councilman Kenneth Frenier said the last time we talked to be patient, I know it's hard but it's being addressed.  The first phase to getting their street paved has started.

It's all good news for Barnes and her neighbors, "I'm glad Channel 12 got in it, because they do a lot for people. You can see this is a good example of how much they've done for this community here to get this dust out of our lives. I do appreciate it."

Neighbors say they believe the city would have eventually gotten around to paving the road but felt it wasn't a priority until they really started to understand how bad it is.

We will continue to check, how work is progressing and let you know.

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