RESTAURANT REPORT: Cell phone stored at prep table

RESTAURANT REPORT: Cell phone stored at prep table

(WWBT) - Do you keep your cell phone near food when you cook? Maybe you're looking at a recipe? That could be a health code violation. A cell phone was a problem for one restaurant on their recent health inspection.

It happened at Mimmo's Restaurant, 8319 Bell Creek Road in Hanover. The inspector noted five critical violations, plus purses were stored with food in dry storage, and a cell phone was stored at the prep table.

Studies have shown that cell phones are often covered with bacteria from our hands, from our skin, or from our mouths. Touch the phone, and that bacteria can be transferred to your hands.

Purses carry a lot of germs, too, because they're often set on floors, tables, and other surfaces. The health department doesn't want to see these bacteria carriers next to food.

The report shows those problems and others were corrected when the inspector returned three days later. Mimmo's repeated only two critical violations, not dating some foods or putting a warning on the menu that hamburgers can be served rare, or undercooked.

Triple Eight Chinese Restaurant at 4410 West Hundred Road in Chesterfield, had four critical violations. The report says tongs with food debris from the previous day were used to handle food. That and other violations were corrected during the inspection.

We're giving the Hall of Fame Award to Christie's Lunchbox food carts and catering. They've been acing health inspections while working from mobile kitchens.

"We don't have walk-in refrigeration, we don't have hand sinks," said owner June Burton of how difficult the task is.

Burton says she keeps standards high to honor the original owner who gave her the business.

"I started as a dishwasher," Burton told us. "So in my mind even though he's dead, I still owe him to keep his business alive and vibrant."

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