12 On Your Side: Contractor Complaints

12 On Your Side: Contractor Complaints

(WWBT) - Ever hired the wrong contractor? What do you do if the company you hired left the job unfinished or just did lousy work?

There are ways to fight back.

I'm looking into two complaints against landscaper Paul Anderson. He has agreed to specific terms to resolve one complaint. The other dispute may end up in court.

Gretchen and Donald Brophy say they paid $15,000 for a drainage system and landscaping. They claim they had to pay a second contractor an additional $3,000 because the drainage system didn't work.

If your contractor stops communicating and is slow to come out, keep records of each time you try to reach him. Gretchen documented an exchange she had with Anderson on video, where she says, "You're not holding up your end of the contract. We needed it fixed. We had to hire someone new to fix it. The money we spent, we feel like we deserve that back."

Mary Wilkerson also Called 12 for help.  Wilkerson says she gave Anderson $7,000 by the time she Called 12, disgusted with the backyard landscaping project that was supposed to be finished in four days. It's been 60 and Anderson left a mess in her driveway.

Wilkerson says, "I feel like the contract's been breached. I do not want the landscaping done. The mulch, the scrubs, the lighting. I want to be released from this contract."

NBC12 talked with Anderson three times last week.  Anderson agreed to cancel Wilkerson's contract, even refund some of her money and remove his tools. He says his health problems delayed the work.  But, he says he's ready for a legal fight with the Brophys.

Small Claims court is another option. The video confrontations recorded by Gretchen Brophy show how emotional the two are, and how the business relationship deteriorated, with Brophy and Anderson calling each other a liar and bully.

Anderson says the Brophys jumped the gun, hired someone else, never told him of any problem, didn't give him a chance to fix it, and are now they're trying to strong-arm him for the money.

The state says Anderson was convicted a year ago for unlicensed contracting.  The Board of Contractors says he was associated with a license that was revoked by the board in 1996: Paul D. Anderson doing business as Landscaping Unlimited.  The license number on the Brophy and Wilkerson contracts belongs to Anderson's son.

The board questioned both men last year and closed the file with these notes: "The son's company is not active and P. Anderson has no affiliation with T. Anderson's contracting business."

The Contractors' Board confirms it has two active complaints that it's investigating. People are reminded to ask for the license number and check it out with the Board.  Licensed contractors are required by law to operate in the name in which the license is issued.

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