Restaurant Report: Wooden chopsticks washed for reuse

Restaurant Report: Wooden chopsticks washed for reuse

(WWBT) - You've probably eaten with wooden chopsticks in a restaurant.  They're not supposed to be washed for reuse.  But a health inspector reported catching a sushi restaurant doing that.

We went right to Samurai Sushi at 11391 Nuckols Road in Glen Allen, which had seven critical violations, plus nine non-critical, on its last inspection, including that wooden chopsticks were being washed for reuse.

When you pull your wooden chopsticks out of the packing, they are sanitized.  But break them open and stick them in food or put them in your mouth, and bacteria gets into the grain of the wood.  That can't be washed or sanitized, which is why they're not supposed to be reused.

We asked the Samurai manager Philip Lin about the violation.

He responded, "They just made a mistake.  It was a new dishwasher.  Actually, she's not here anymore."

And we asked him about another violation the inspector noted: seafood at elevated temperatures in a display case.

"She was talking about, in the morning, the sushi case. We keep the window open, the door open," Lin told us.  "That's why it was going up.  She took a test, it's fine."

On the follow-up inspection two weeks later, all violations were corrected except for two, and Samurai's permit was renewed.

Next up, Logan's Roadhouse at 2301 West Hundred Road in Chesterfield.  It had four critical violations.  The report says abundant roaches were in the dish washing area.  Violations were corrected on the spot.  When the inspector returned, all problems were fixed.  The report says pest control had come twice and the facility was thoroughly cleaned.

We also caught up with Uptown Dogs at the Circle Shopping Center on Hull Street Road to give it the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award.  This food truck has aced every health inspection it has had over the last two years!

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