Chesterfield neighbors: Kids were stealing, crashing and ransacking cars

Chesterfield neighbors: Kids were stealing, crashing and ransacking cars

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Neighbors say a group of young teenagers ransacked cars and stole several vehicles early Thursday morning. Police dispatch confirmed that there was a heavy police presence at the scene in Chesterfield.

This is happening in the 5000 block of Southmoor Road.

A tow truck driver was called to one home after the kids allegedly attempted to steal a car that was left unlocked from the driveway. According to the homeowners, as the teens were backing the car out, they went off the drive way into a ravine.

The right side of the car is badly damaged.

Another neighbor says two of their cars were ransacked. He claims the kids stole another car up the road and tried to burn it. The kids allegedly stole another car besides that, then drove the third car they tried to steal into the ravine.

Another victim, Gary Moore, says that the thieves who broke into his car "went through the glove compartment and sun visor and the console. There were GPS systems in it... they left that."
But he says his prescription meds and racing tickets were taken.
Chesterfield Police told him the teens were between the ages of 15 and 18, and have now been arrested.

It's a situation that has many people who live here on edge. 
"These kids that did this should be taken away from their parents, as far as I'm concerned," says neighbor James Lumkin.
While Lumkin has strong feelings about what should happen to the teens, the Neighborhood Watch is more focused on what it can do to be even more aware.
As for Gary Moore, he says he plans to make a few changes. He says he will park in the garage and be sure to lock his car doors.

Police say a grand total of nine people -- two adults and seven juveniles -- were arrested. Police say the investigation is ongoing, and they are working to determine if the group of teens are responsible for any other crimes in the area.

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