On Your Side: Dominion Power scam returns

On Your Side: Dominion Power scam returns

(WWBT) - The following is information that could save you hundreds of dollars, because of calls happening right now that threaten your electricity, and demand immediate payment.

We've warned you about them before, but now they're back. Although crooks have been doing this for years, Dominion Virginia Power says it's tracking cases just over the last few days.

The premise is simple: thieves count on people wanting to pay up if they think their power will be cut off in a matter of hours. The callers use high-pressure and fast-talking to get you to pay over the phone using something like a prepaid card.

Spoofing software makes the whole thing seem legit, until the thieves -- and your money -- are gone.

Dominion wants you to know it does not threaten to turn off your power in exchange for immediate payment, and it doesn't take payments over the phone.

If there's a problem, customers would be notified several times by mail and phone to work out a plan.

Those who are behind would get reminder calls, but nothing with specific information.The take-away here: don't give in to pressure or fast talking. If you have questions, call Dominion and check for yourself.

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