More Bang For Your Buck: Grocery sale pricing patterns

More Bang For Your Buck: Grocery sale pricing patterns

(WWBT) - It always seems like the most expensive time to buy something is when you actually need it. And what you don't know will cost you! I've kept a watchful eye for weeks to show you how much prices fluctuate and how you can capitalize on it to keep more of your hard-earned money.

I scanned the grocery store sales fliers, choosing products on sale and tracked how much they rose or fell for six weeks.

At Kroger, one dollar for Liquid Dial soap is a decent price. But the next week, it nearly doubles to $1.99.  In week 3, it's back down to a dollar. Week 4 proves to be the most expensive, jumping to $2.19. That's more than a 100 percent markup in a matter of one week! The last two weeks, Dial is down to $1.29.

When you look at the difference, which price would you rather pay?

Savings guru Tiffany Cutts compiled a price point list, showing you how low the price really can go.

"Some weeks, it'll be really cheap on certain items, and other weeks it'll be back to full price, or double the price it was prior," she says.

Back at Kroger, for the first two weeks, the Kettle Chips are $2.50. Then a 20 percent increase in week 3. They drop down to two bucks in week 4 and 5, but check out week 6: $1.67! That's about as low as I've seen Kettle Chips go.

Over at Food Lion, I watched Kellogg Nutri Grain Bars. The first sale price is about the most I'd pay at $1.97. If you bought them in following four weeks, you paid a whole lot more: the price stays stagnant at a whopping $3.17. That's 60 percent more than week one.

The last week offered the best deal. They're still $3.17, but now they're buy one, get one free.

"The sales cycles run about every four to six weeks, so I tell people just get enough to last you about a month, month and a half," Cutts explains."

Over at Martin's, watch the pattern with Powerade: $1, then 69 cents, back to $1, then 69 cents. It's consistent like this for six weeks.

Perdue chicken nuggets' sale price is $2, but the next week they're $3.99, twice as much! That's cut in half for week 3, but it went back up to $3.33 during week 4. For the fifth week, it went back to full price of $3.99, and finally at the end of this cycle, they dropped back down to 2 bucks.

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