On Your Side Alert: Warnings about bogus emails

On Your Side Alert: Warnings about bogus emails

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There's a warning about a fake notice that claims your Facebook account will be shut down if you don't update your credit card information. Plus, criminals are targeting all Visa Card holders.

Bank of America customers are a constant target for these phishing schemes. This claims you need to click a link because the bank noticed some unusual activity. This email is not from the bank, though. Don't click the link. It could install a virus or take you to a site where crooks will steal your banking information. If you think there is a problem, never trust an email. Always call the bank. If you see something like this, report it to abuse@bankofamerica.com.

Visa card holders be on alert for a bogus e-mail that claims your card has been suspended because someone may be trying to use it without your permission. Again, those cyber criminals are trying to fool you into clicking a malicious link. Don't do it. A big red flag is the generic greeting. Your credit card company knows who you are. Again, call your card company first, don't trust an email. If you see this or something similar, report it to phishing@visa.com.

Cyber experts say don't fall for another deception that you may see in your inbox.

It claims you need to click a link to upgrade your credit card or your Facebook page will stop working. Delete this if you see it -- it's a trick to steal your credit card information. You can report suspicious emails to Facebook. The address is phish@fb.com