NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Confederate Flag Must Come Down

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Confederate Flag Must Come Down

By: Kym Grinnage

As you all know, on the evening of June 17, a mass shooting took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, one of the oldest and historically significant black churches in the United States.

Nine citizens were killed, including the senior pastor and state senator, Clementa C. Pinckney. A tenth person was shot, but survived.

The morning after this massacre, 21-year-old Dylann Roof was arrested for this heinous act. Based on all of the evidence we have all seen, Roof self-identified as a racist, a bigot and a white supremacist.

The symbol he choose to express this hatred for African Americans and other ethnic groups in this country was the Confederate Battle Flag.

Many will say that it represents southern heritage and pride, but for too many, and especially Dylann Roof, it is a symbol of hate and racism.

What people decide to do privately is not something that we can all control, but the display on public, tax-payer funded properties and entities is wrong. Many major retail outlets have already made the decision to stop the sale and manufacturer of this symbol. Maybe now this country will deal with this issue once and for all.

The sad irony to this tragic story is that State Senator Clementa Pinckney will be remembered lying in state at the capitol rotunda with the Confederate Flag waving proudly outside for all to see.