Caroline County announces mandatory water restrictions

Caroline County announces mandatory water restrictions

CAROLINE, VA (WWBT) - Caroline County has announced mandatory "Level 5" water restrictions, effective immediately for the Carmel Church/Ladysmith area.

The county's public utilities department says a car hit a fire hydrant on Tuesday, resulting in a large loss of water. This, combined with the extreme temperatures, has lowered the water reserve below acceptable levels. The county says Very High Level 5 restrictions are in place until further notice to allow the system to recover.

Residents and businesses supplied by the county water system are prohibited from outdoor uses, such as watering or sprinkling lawns and gardens and other uses that are not essential to health, safety or the operation of a business.

The county says Level 5 water restrictions include the following:

  • Watering of lawns & gardens prohibited
  • Washing vehicles prohibited; cleaning only to be carried out on windows, mirrors, lights and spot removing corrosive substances using a bucket
  • Cleaning paved areas prohibited unless required for health and safety reasons
  • New and existing pools and spas cannot be filled

Officials tell NBC12 the fire hydrant has been removed and water main is turned back on. Restrictions will remain in place through the night, but the county hopes to have them lifted by Wednesday.

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