Keeping you safe, preparing for Richmond 2015 cycling championship

Keeping you safe, preparing for Richmond 2015 cycling championship

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Crews are already working to get cobblestone in tip-top shape for cyclist who will be hitting this area for that big race but the big topic of discussion Friday is public safety and what is being done to keep you and your family safe for this race. 
"We cannot guarantee that nothing will happen," Mayor Dwight Jones said.

That coming from Richmond's mayor Dwight Jones--- while its true that crime or any catastrophic event can happen anywhere at any time Mayor Jones does have one guarantee for Richmonders and visitors in town for the bike Race. 
"We have put together the best possible plan utilizing the resources from the national government, the state governments and the municipal governments to make sure that we have done our best to make sure that everybody is safe," Mayor Jones said.
To do that several public safety authorities in the Region from Henrico to Hanover are teaming up with the city. They are leaning on bigger cities like the nation's capitol and Boston to weigh in on the planning process. Today we learned that officers even reviewed post operation plans from Boston police officers who cover the Marathon's during the 2013 bombings. 
"We've take all of that knowledge and tried to implement that in our regional efforts here so that we have the best of all plans that we can lay our hands on," Captain Will Smith said. 

One of the most important messages of the day, officers want people to know if they see something suspicious , to say something. 

"Most of the time folks can have that gut feeling that something is different in someone's behavior," Chief Durham said. 
There will be more meetings to talk about the public safety plan in the coming weeks. Stay with NBC 12 for updates on when that meeting will take place.

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