MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Rewards for recycling

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Rewards for recycling

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - More than half of Central Virginians recycle household waste, keeping 500,000 tons of materials out of our landfills. Now, now it's time to be rewarded for the effort.

The premise behind Recyclebank is simple. Give people an incentive and they'll recycle more.

"We work with communities, we work with businesses, we work with people and we partner to provide the education, the outreach as well as the rewards to encourage people to recycle all that they can and recycle properly," said Denise Diorio McVeigh, Senior Account Manager, Recyclebank.

Recyclebank is active in more than 300 communities..installing RFID stickers on collection bins. Those customers get credit for the amount they turn in. While that part of the rewards isn't here yet, you can still cash in online.

"They can participate in our surveys, our quizzes, they can read articles, they can do all sorts of interactive activities," said McVeigh.

All of the information is geared toward living green and the more you learn, the more points you get. They add up quickly for discounts all over town, such as free movie tickets, year-long magazine subscriptions and coupons for local restaurants. Signing up is absolutely free.

"We don't want there to be any obstacles for consumers," said McVeigh. "We want to provide them with the knowledge we know that they're actively seeking. They're doing the right thing and they're getting rewarded for it."

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